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Through the years, more and more parents come to me with their struggles centering around the rhythm of their daily life. Often they want to change, they want to hold the authority, they want to plan, they want to practice inner work but it just doesn't happen - something holds them back, they collect curriculum in hopes that one will be the magic bullet or they spend hours online surfing beautiful blogs in hopes that somehow they will gain the knowledge needed to *get busy* - some moms spend hundreds of dollars on programs and end up feeling frustrated that there are still gaps.

I am finding more and more moms that are very visual learners,  There is no shame in this! We live in a very visual time, our will forces have slowly been eroded and now we stand in a position with this beautiful education where we often need to stretch far beyond where we are accustomed.  Will development is a huge factor but knowing it and changing it are two different things!

Our new program SHOWS you how and gives you step by step instructions each week to help you:
  • understand the basics of Steiner and Waldorf in a very manageable and enjoyable way.
  • show you how to hold rhythm and be present with do-able tasks that include podcasts and video segments on a wide variety of topics from the flow of your nature table to painting with young children to handwork for mom. Podcasts will include basic will development for mom using Steiner's work.
  • focus on life with the 5-6 year old in a family setting, showing you the HOW and telling you the WHY behind Waldorf.
  • includes lesson plans for the kindergarten years, a monthly circle with stories, age appropriate library recommendations for more fun.
  • Have older kids?  We give one on one consulting for a full calendar year AND a nice discount for our grades curriculum.
This program is for families with older children too. We will help you write a custom plan, helping you to really tailor the curriculum to fit your life and your child.
Working with families that have special needs children. I have first hand experience with special needs and know how challenging it can be to have days that seem impossible to get in order. I will help you. 

Personal consulting is also included.  We are here to be your mentor and your guide over the year to get you the firm foundation you need to soar with this curriculum and way of life.  All participants get a discount in our store for the year they are members. 

Come and join us!!

or EMAIL us if you have questions. 
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